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1 a retail dealer in tobacco and tobacco-related articles
2 a shop that sells pipes and pipe tobacco and cigars and cigarettes [syn: tobacco shop, tobacconist shop]

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  1. a person who sells tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, snuff and sundry items
  2. a tobacconist's shop
  3. a person who is addicted to smoking tobacco

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A tobacconist is an expert dealer in tobacco and the related accoutrements. Tobacco accoutrements include pipes, pipe holders, pipe lighters, pipe reamers, pipe cleaners, pipe tampers, pipe pokers, pipe ashtrays, cigar bits, cigar cutters, cigar lighters, cigar holders, cigar cases, cigar ashtrays, cigar savors, humidification/humidifiers, humidors, hygrometers, cigarette holders, cigarette snuffers, matches, air ventilation and filtration, and more. A tobacconist is someone licensed to sell tobacco in various forms as well as smoking supplies. A tobacconist may sell pipes, pipe-cleaning kits, cigars, etc.

Uses in art

The Tobacconist, Victorian Walk is a featured exhibit at the Museum of London. It showcases shops in an effort to recreate the late 19th century.
tobacconist in Macedonian: Тутунџија

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antique store, apothecary, automobile showroom, baker, bookdealer, bookseller, bookstore, bootery, butcher, candy store, chandler, chemist, cigar store, clothiers, clothing merchant, clothing store, confectioner, confectionery, draper, dress shop, drugstore, dry goods store, drysalter, fishmonger, fishwife, florist, florists, footwear merchant, fruiterer, fur salon, furnisher, furniture store, furrier, gift shop, greengrocer, grocer, groceryman, haberdasher, haberdashery, hardware store, hardwareman, hat shop, hobby shop, ironmonger, ironmongery, jeweler, jewelers, jewelry store, leather goods store, liquor merchant, liquor store, luggage shop, milliners, newsdealer, novelty shop, package store, perfumer, pharmacy, poulterer, saddler, saddlery, schlock house, schlock shop, secondhand shop, secondhand store, shoe store, smoke shop, snuffman, specialty shop, sporting goods store, stationer, stationers, stationery store, sweater shop, sweet shop, thrift shop, tobacco store, tobacconists, toy shop, trimming store, used-car lot, vintner, wine merchant
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